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New York Struggles to Recover Housing

“We had prepared for an emergency. The emergency we had prepared for was an act of terrorism, not this.” Water is incredibly destructive. “Future Is in Limbo for the Damaged Buildings Close to the Water’s Edge“

Hurricane Sandy Update

Like everybody else, I’m watching the Sesame Street hurricane show with Al Roker, and watching Twitter chatter on Hurricane Sandy (which includes a number of obviously bogus (but entertaining photos). Will be posting the best I can find over on our twitter feed. See you there. And best of luck to the East Coast.

Historical and Legal Context for Rhode Island’s Erosion Woes

Insightful thoughts submitted by attorney and Natural Hazard Mitigation Association President Ed Thomas on the NYT Rhode Island article I mentioned yesterday: This extremely important article displays a thoughtful approach to 1) the questions of what we should do about sea level rise and beach erosion; 2) the very real problems we face as a […]

As the Sea Moves Closer, Rhode Island Community Contemplates Retreat

So many striking quotes in this New York Times article, including this one from the frustrated president of the local homeowners’ association: “If we keep doing this [nothing/retreating], Rhode Island will be gone. We’re trying to find a balance. We’re not killing baby seals out here.” What strikes me most about this is how very […]