FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance Program (FMA)

WHO provides this resource?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

WHAT is it designed to do?

The FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) program provides funds to assist states and communities implement measures that reduce or eliminate the long-term risk of flood damage to buildings, manufactured homes, and other structures insurable under the National Flood Insurance Program. A priority of the FMA Program is to fund flood mitigation activities that reduce the number of repetitive loss structures insured by the NFIP (repetitive loss structures are those that have sustained two or more losses, each exceeding $1000, within a ten year period)

Three types of FMA grants are available to States and communities; however only NFIP-participating communities with approved Flood Mitigation Plans can apply for the first two:

  1. Planning Grants to prepare Flood Mitigation Plans.
  2. Project Grants to implement measures to reduce flood losses, such as elevation, acquisition, or relocation of NFIP-insured structures. States are encouraged to prioritize FMA funds for applications that include repetitive loss properties.
  3. Technical Assistance Grants for the state to help administer the FMA program and activities.

WHEN can I apply for it?

Anytime in the application window advertised by FEMA. Visit the site below for current status of applications, or talk to your state’s emergency management agency.

HOW do I apply for it?

Through your state government. All FEMA’s mitigation grants (including FMA) are provided to eligible states/tribes/territories that then provide sub-grants to local governments. The applicant selects and prioritizes applications developed and submitted to them by local jurisdictions to submit to FEMA for grant funds.

WHERE can I get more information?