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Incorporating Sea Level Rise into Post-Disaster Planning

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity has just released “Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning: Addressing Sea Level Rise During Long-Term Recovery.” This is the fifth and final piece of the Post-Disaster Redevelopment Planning Guidebook (PDF). The first four parts provided a planning process to guide post-disaster redevelopment activities that enhance community sustainability and ensure resilient redevelopment after […]

Big Bill For Levee Upkeep Comes To New Orleans

the US Army Corps of Engineers will hand over control of much of the city’s ~$13B levee system next summer. But with ownership/control comes responsibility, at the tune of an estimated $38M a year. Few are arguing that the city’s protective system is bad, but it’s unclear if or how the city will be able […]

New Tool to Easily View Future Sea Levels

The United State Army Corps of Engineers has released a handy tool for calculating future sea levels based on models or rates that you pick. The process couldn’t be easier. Head over to their Comprehensive Evaluation of Projects with Respect to Sea-Level Change page. Either enter the rates you’d like to use, or select from […]

Historical and Legal Context for Rhode Island’s Erosion Woes

Insightful thoughts submitted by attorney and Natural Hazard Mitigation Association President Ed Thomas on the NYT Rhode Island article I mentioned yesterday: This extremely important article displays a thoughtful approach to 1) the questions of what we should do about sea level rise and beach erosion; 2) the very real problems we face as a […]

As the Sea Moves Closer, Rhode Island Community Contemplates Retreat

So many striking quotes in this New York Times article, including this one from the frustrated president of the local homeowners’ association: “If we keep doing this [nothing/retreating], Rhode Island will be gone. We’re trying to find a balance. We’re not killing baby seals out here.” What strikes me most about this is how very […]

Norfolk, Virginia Continues to Battle Sea Level Rise [VIDEO]

A sobering look at how Norfolk, Virginia has moved far beyond debating climate change and sea level rise. When the mayor dares to mention “retreat zones” as an option, you know things are serious. Need a quick video on sea level rise to show your elected officials? Try this. Watch “Rising tide in Norfolk, Va.” […]

NOAA Releases New Report on How Local Communities Can Adapt to Climate Change

Several NOAA offices (CSC, NGS, COOPS, and OCS) have collaboratively released a new handbook to help communities adopt to sea level rise. From the introduction: Just as flooding threats need to be factored into coastal community planning initiatives, so too should sea level change. Unfortunately, the “one size fits all” approach does not work. The […]

Another Climate Change Adaptation Handbook

Haven’t had a chance to review this at length, but here’s what the Center for Climate Strategies has to say about their new handbook: The Center for Climate Strategies Adaptation Guidebook includes a catalogue of adaptation actions, detailed review of state and local adaptation plans and comprehensive methodology and supporting templates for sub national adaptation […]

NOAA Shares Tools for Understanding and Addressing Coastal Inundation

The NOAA Coastal Services Center, as part of their Digital Coast program, has assembled a Coastal Inundation Toolkit. The new “Visualize” section allows users to learn how different types of visualizations can help communities understand their inundation risks and vulnerabilities. The “Picture It” page offers tools and local examples of how photos, maps, and mapping […]